7 Oreo Chocolate Truffles that Never Fail to Please

Whoever said that you should never have too many treats has never tried truffles. These bite-sized treats are small enough that you can watch your portions if you wanted to, but once you’ve sampled the 7 Oreo chocolate truffle recipes we’re about to introduce to you, you might have a hard time stopping!

But you know what? It’s okay to live a little and have another truffle, and another, and another.

Chocolate truffles are great on their own, but they become so delectable when you add everyone’s favorite cookie, Oreos.

Your typical Oreo cookie has graduated from a simple dunking partner to milk to a fudgy, chewy filling to chocolate-coated truffles. There are many ways to make these, and we give you 7 different recipes that are sure successes.

Although, if you ask me, my favorite will always be the classic, traditional Oreo chocolate truffles topped with a sprinkling of cocoa powder.

So check our list out for inspirations for your next project. They make great gifts to loved ones for special occasions, or you can even make them for yourself as part of your secret indulgence stash!

1. Traditional Oreo Chocolate Truffles

oreo chocolate truffles

source: http://www.thebudgetdiet.com/oreo-ball-recipe

Nothing beats the old, classic recipe for oreo chocolate truffles. Even with so many variations being created every day, there’s something decadent about throwing three simple ingredients together to make a fulfilling dessert. This recipe is so simple that you can even get your kids to make these with you and turn it into quality family bonding time.

Prep Time: 1 hour

Cooking Time: 3 (for melting the chocolate)

Level of Difficulty: 1


You will also need:

  • 1 16-ounce pack of Oreos
  • 1 8-ounce pack of softened cream cheese
  • 24 ounces of melting chocolate (You can use a combination of regular and white chocolate)
  • ¼ cup of powdered sugar
  • ½ cup of cocoa powder
  • Food processor
  • Rolling pin
  • Plastic Ziplock bag
  • Any flat baking tray
  • Wax paper


1. Open your pack of Oreos and dump them into a food processor. Turn it on and crush the Oreos bit by bit until they have a soil-like consistency.

2. If you don’t have a food processor, just put the Oreos in a plastic Ziplock bag and mash the Oreos using a rolling pin.

3. Place all the crushed Oreos into a bowl, except for a small handful. Set the small handful of Oreos aside.

4. Add the cream cheese and powdered sugar. Mix the ingredients well.

5. Take a heaping tablespoon of the mixture and roll it between your hands to create 1” balls.

6. Place wax paper on top of any flat surface like a baking tray, and line all the Oreo balls on top of it.

7. Put the baking tray in the freezer for 30 to 45 minutes.

8. While waiting, start melting your chocolate. You can use a double boiler, or you can stick the chocolate in the microwave to melt it.

9. Stab a small toothpick into the Oreo ball. The toothpick will act as a handle so you can dip your Oreo balls easily into the melted chocolate.

10. Cover the Oreo balls completely with your choice of either milk chocolate or white chocolate. Set the covered Oreo ball back on the tray.

11. Do this with all the Oreo balls on the tray.

12. Mix cocoa powder with the remaining handful of crushed Oreos and sprinkle it on top of the Oreo balls. You may also add streaks of white chocolate to the milk chocolate-covered balls and vice versa.

13. Place the tray into the freezer so that the chocolate will set.

You can use other topics aside from the traditional cocoa powder. You can use confectioner's sugar, sprinkles, and even rice Krispies. This recipe makes around 3 dozen oreo chocolate truffles. You can also alternate between milk chocolate and white chocolate, not only for aesthetic purposes but just so you don’t leave out fans of good, old white chocolate. You can even use dark chocolate if you want, it’s just harder to find good dark chocolate that’s perfect for melting.

2. Almond Chocolate Oreo Truffles

white chocolate oreo truffles

source: http://www.food.com/recipe/almond-oreo-truffles-balls-and-other-flavors-206365

Adding almonds to any dessert almost always guarantee a better, richer, and more flavorful taste. Oreo chocolate truffles are no exception - some chopped almonds and a touch of almond extract give life to the traditional recipe. Not to mention the additional crunch is always a plus for people who get sick and tired of Oreo’s fudgy consistency too quickly.

Prep Time: one hour

Cooking Time: N/A

Level of Difficulty: 1


You will also need:

  • An 18-ounce package of Oreo cookies
  • 8 ounces softened cream cheese
  • ½ cup crushed almonds
  • ½ teaspoon of almond extract
  • 14 ounces dipping milk chocolate
  • 4 ounces white chocolate
  • Food processor
  • Cookie sheet
  • Wax paper


1. Open your package of Oreo cookies and empty the contents into a food processor. Grind the cookies until they dissolve into crumbs.

2. On a large bowl, mix the Oreo crumbs with cream cheese and mash the two until mixed thoroughly. Add the almond extract, and then mix it again. For a more consistent mixture, you can use a mixer. There should be no traces of cream cheese left.

3. Use a melon baller to scoop out some of the mixture and roll them between your hands to make ¾ inch balls. Place the balls on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper.

4. Place the cookie sheet in the fridge and chill for 45 minutes.

5. While waiting, you can start melting the milk chocolate and white chocolate. Use a makeshift double boiler to melt the chocolate.

6. Take the cookie sheet out of the refrigerator and set it on the counter. Place each ball on a fork and dip it gently into the melted chocolate. Use another fork and with both forks, turn the ball gently, making sure that the ball is coated thoroughly with chocolate.

7. Lift the ball out of the melted chocolate with the fork underneath it. Allow the excess milk chocolate to drip off before putting the ball back on the cookie sheet.

8. Take a small plastic bag and use scissors to cut a hole in one of its corners. You now have a makeshift pastry bag.

9. Fill the plastic bag with white melted chocolate and use it to draw streaks across the top of the chocolate balls.

10. You may also use a fork to drizzle melted white chocolate over each ball.

11. Top the truffles with a sprinkle of crushed almond.

12. Refrigerate the cookie sheet for 15 minutes to allow the truffles to set.

You can also make almond oreo truffles with white chocolate instead. Just interchange the recommended measurements of the milk chocolate and white chocolate. Just use the white chocolate as the dipping chocolate, with milk chocolate as the topping.

If you love almonds that much, you can even put some of the crushed almonds into the Oreo mixture for some added crunchy texture. If you don’t have almonds, you can also use other nuts and extracts. For example, you can use hazelnut extract and crushed hazelnuts instead of almonds. You can also use simple vanilla extract for the filling, and just topping the entire thing with various nuts like cashew and pistachio.

3. Oreo Chocolate Truffles With Peanut Butter

oreo white chocolate truffles

source: http://www.itisakeeper.com/8334/easy-peanut-butter-oreo-cookie-balls/

Who doesn’t love peanut butter? The preference for peanut butter as a tasty snack never gets old. The following recipe gives a delightful twist on the traditional Oreo chocolate truffle recipe. It’s a great treat to give out during the holidays, and it’s super easy to make too!

Prep Time: one hour

Cooking Time: N/A

Level of Difficulty: 1


You will also need:

  • 1 package Oreo cookies
  • 16 ounces semi-sweet dipping milk chocolate, white chocolate, or a combination of both
  • 4 ounces peanut butter
  • ½ cup rice Krispies
  • Food processor
  • Cookie sheet
  • Wax paper


1. Empty the entire pack of Oreo cookies into a food processor that’s fitted with a blade attachment. With intermittent pulses, mash the Oreo cookies until they turn into a crumb-like consistency.

2. Slice the softened cream cheese into chunks and throw them into the food processor. Star the food processor up and pulse the mixture until it’s evenly combined.

3. Using a spoon or a melon baller, scoop into small balls. Flatten the oreo mixture into a flat circle.

4. Take a dollop of peanut butter and place it on the center. Cover it and continue to mold it back into a ball, making sure to fully enclose the peanut butter inside.

5. Place each finished ball into a cookie sheet lined with wax paper. Once you’ve finished making all the Oreo balls, place the cookie sheet in your refrigerator.for 15 minutes to chill.

6. Using a double boiler, start melting your milk chocolate and white chocolate. You can also pop them into the microwave for 1 minute. Stir the chocolate for a bit before popping them back into the microwave for at least 20 more seconds. Repeat this process until you get the consistency you want for your dipping chocolate.

7. Put the peanut butter into a small bowl and pop it into the microwave for 1 minute to make it smoother.

8. Take your cookie sheet out from the fridge and set it on your countertop. Next, take each ball and gently plop it down into the bowl of melted milk chocolate.

9. Using a fork, coat the ball thoroughly with the milk chocolate before taking it out.

10. Let the excess chocolate drip down on the bowl before you take the chocolate-coated ball back on the cookie sheet.

11. Repeat this process with all the Oreo balls, alternating between the milk chocolate and white chocolate.

12. Dip your fork into the heated peanut butter and lightly drizzle the top with peanut butter in streaks. Do this for all the truffles.

13. You may top it with rice Krispies.

14. Allow the chocolate to harden before you store your Oreo and peanut butter chocolate truffles.

This entire recipe makes around 24 truffles. Aside from rice Krispies, you can also use chopped nuts or oats as toppings to give it a more granola-ish kind of feel. The soft, chewy peanut butter centers of this oreo truffle are always a nice surprise. Just be careful when biting into it!

Now, if that’s not enough peanut butter for you, you can do this instead. Do away with the peanut butter center and just coat the entire Oreo ball with heated peanut butter before placing it into the fridge to chill. This is of course, before you coat them in chocolate. You can spice it up a bit and add some nougat on the inside to make it a bit chewier.

4. Peppermint White Chocolate Oreo Truffles

White chocolate oreo truffles sound like a tasty treat on it own. However, some people may find it too sweet for their liking, or too heavy to truly enjoy after having your first two pieces. White chocolate is already a more subtle alternative to the usual milk chocolate truffles, but if you want more variety or dimension to the usual sweetness of chocolate, you can try adding a bit of peppermint to the mix.

oreo cookie truffles white chocolate

source: http://www.kraftrecipes.com/recipes/peppermint-oreo-cookie-balls-124156.aspx

Peppermint flavors tend to balance out anything that’s uber sweet. It’s light so you can probably down a few more pieces than usual before feeling the heaviness of the chocolate and Oreo cookies. It’s also a great treat for Christmas and you can even use shaved candy canes as toppings!

Prep Time: one hour

Cooking Time: N/A

Level of Difficulty: 1


You will also need:

  • 1 pack of Oreo cookies (contains 36 pieces)
  • 1 pack ( 8 ounces) softened cream cheese
  • 16 ounces baking white chocolate for dipping
  • 4 ounces of baking milk chocolate for garnishing
  • ½ teaspoon peppermint extract
  • ¼ cup candy cane or peppermint bark bits
  • Food processor
  • Cookie sheet
  • Wax paper


1.  Place all the Oreo cookies, even the filling, inside a food processor. Mix and mash it until it looks like fine crumbs.

2. Slice your package of softened cream cheese into smaller cubes and dump them into the food processor. Add the peppermint extract. Blend until everything is combined evenly, with no white traces of cream cheese.

3. Using a spoon or melon baller, shape the Oreo mixture into small balls roughly 1 inch in diameter. Place the balls into a cookie sheet lined with wax/parchment paper.

4. Place the cookie sheet in your refrigerator for around 15 minutes to chill.

5. Using a double boiler, melt all your white chocolate until it is the right consistency for dipping. Do the same to the milk chocolate.

6. Take the Oreo balls from the fridge. With a fork, lightly dip the ball into the white chocolate mixture and coat it thoroughly. With a fork underneath, suspend the ball above the bowl for a few seconds to let the excess chocolate drip out before placing the ball back on the cookie sheet.

7. Do this until all Oreo balls are sufficiently dipped.

8. Take a small plastic bag and snip out one of its corners to create a makeshift pastry bag. Fill the bag with milk chocolate and create nice streaks across the top of the truffles. You can also use a fork, albeit it is a bit messier.

9. Take your finely crushed peppermint bark or candy canes and sprinkle it on top of the truffles.

10. Make sure to cool the truffles first and store it once the chocolate has hardened.

This recipe makes 48 bite-sized white chocolate Oreo truffles. Of course, you can use the traditional milk chocolate coating instead of the white chocolate coating. It’s just that when you see oreo cookie truffles white chocolate is always the second option, so I thought it would be nice if white chocolate was shoved into the spotlight for once. Also, I think white chocolate suits the whole minty fresh theme better.

Also, if you want some added crunch and minty freshness in your truffles, you can always put some finely crushed pieces of peppermint bark or candy cane into the oreo and cream cheese mix. Just be careful when biting into it! A great idea for Christmas season is to put a drop or two of green food dye on the white chocolate melt to give it this nice, light pastel green color. It complements the minty taste of the truffle nicely and looks prettier too!

5. S’mores Oreo Chocolate Truffles

oreo truffles with white chocolate

source: http://www.crazyforcrust.com/2014/05/smore-oreo-truffles/

People are constantly thinking up of new things to add to the basic Oreo chocolate truffle recipe, some are hits, while some are gross misses. Well, it was discovered that s'mores make for a great combo with chocolate and Oreos. If you love marshmallows, here’s how to incorporate them in everyone’s favorite chocolate treat.

Prep Time: one hour

Cooking Time: N/A

Level of Difficulty: 1


You will also need:

  • 1 pack Oreo cookies
  • 1 8-ounce pack of softened cream cheese
  • 16 ounces semi-sweet baking milk chocolate
  • 1 small pack of marshmallows
  • ¼ cup of graham cracker crumbs
  • 1 small pack of marshmallow bits as garnish
  • Food processor
  • Cookie sheet
  • Wax paper


1. Place all the oreo cookies into your food processor. Turn the food processor on and let it run until the cookies turn into coarse crumbs.

2. Slice the softened cream cheese into smaller bits so it will mix in with the cookie crumbs better. Add it to the crushed Oreos and let your processor run some more until the mixture is combined evenly.

3. Using a melon baller or spoon, scoop out some of the mixture and flatten it a bit. Apply a small amount of pressure on the middle with your finger to create an indention.

4. Put the marshmallow into the indention, and then roll up the truffle mixture around the marshmallow to fully enclose it.

5. Shape it into a ball and place it on a cookie sheet lined with parchment or wax paper. Repeat this step until the mixture runs out.

6. Place the cookie sheet filled with truffles on your fridge to chill.

7. Use a double boiler to melt your milk chocolate. Follow the instructions stated on the chocolate package.

8. Once your chocolate has reached the perfect consistency for melting, it’s now time to take your truffles out of the fridge.

9. Use a spoon to slowly dip each ball into the melted chocolate. With a fork and spoon, gently, roll the ball around to coat it thoroughly.

10. Using a fork, scoop the ball out gently like you would if you were using a spoon. Lift it so the excess chocolate can drip back into the bowl through the prongs of the fork.

11. Set the ball back down on the cookie sheet. Repeat the previous step for each truffle.

12. Once that’s done, take your marshmallow bits and plop them on top of the newly covered balls.

13. Sprinkle the truffles with a light dusting of graham cracker crust.

14. Allow the chocolate to harden and cool before storing the truffles.

The recipe makes around 35-40 truffles, depending on the size of the balls. If you want to add a bit of pizzaz to the recipe, you can burn the marshmallow center. It’s a bit messier, but the soft, chewy taste you get for your troubles are worth it. If you aren’t too fond of graham crackers, just substitute finely chopped nuts as a topping to turn this recipe into a rocky road truffle recipe.

You can use tiny, white marshmallow bits for your milk chocolate coating, or you can go with oreo white chocolate truffles topped with multi colored marshmallow bits.

6. Luxurious Vegan Oreo Chocolate Truffles

Contrary to popular belief, a vegan lifestyle isn’t all about bland and tasteless food. With enough creativity and imagination, you can always find a vegan substitute for any ingredient and still come up with a tasty treat. Of course, it also helps that a lot of desserts are actually more vegan than people think. Take for example Oreos. A lot of vegans rejoiced when it was discovered that Oreos are actually vegan!

oreo chocolate truffles

source: http://www.onegreenplanet.org/vegan-recipe/three-ingredient-oreo-chocolate-truffles/

This means that desserts using Oreos are mostly vegan-friendly, like the old favorite, the Oreo chocolate truffle. All you need is to skip on the cream cheese to remove the dairy from the recipe and substitute it with coconut milk.

Prep Time: one hour

Cooking Time: 15 minutes

Level of Difficulty: 1


You will also need:

  • 6 Oreo cookies
  • 6 tablespoons coconut milk or cream
  • 10 ½ ounces of dark chocolate chips, dairy-free
  • Food processor
  • Cookie sheet
  • Wax paper


1. Place all Oreos inside a ziplock plastic bag. Take a rolling pin and start smashing the Oreo cookies to bits. Roll the pin over the plastic bag to ensure that the Oreos end up with a coarse crumb-like consistency. You can also use a food processor for more ease.

2. Fill a pan with water and put it over high heat. Once the water has started simmering, place a bowl that is heat-friendly on top of the simmering water.

3. Place the coconut milk and chocolate chips into the bowl and let the two ingredients melt together. Stir the mixture every now and then with a wooden spoon to combine the two ingredients thoroughly

4. Carefully fold in your Oreo crumbs until thoroughly mixed, and then set the bowl aside to cool.

5. Once the bowl has cooled it is now safe to put the bowl in the fridge for an hour to chill.

6. Take your bowl out of the fridge once the chocolate has set properly. Take a spoon and scoop out some of the Oreo mixture into your hand. Shape it into a ball and then place it on a cookie sheet lined with wax paper.

7. Allow the truffles to set before storing them.

This recipe can make around 20 small truffles or 15 middle-sized ones. They hold up quite well surprisingly, even without the outer chocolate coating. Since we’re using dark chocolates instead of the usual milk chocolates, the taste is actually richer and fuller, making this quite a nice treat for vegans.

For those of you who are still a bit skeptical about how vegan Oreos are, the original recipe for Oreo cookies are non-dairy. The company; however, has made it clear, that there could be cross-contact with Milk since the cookies share some machines with the company’s other products. If you don’t mind cross-contact, it’s completely safe to eat, especially if you are swearing off dairy by choice, and not because of its adverse effect on your health.

7. Alcoholic Oreo Chocolate Truffles

Gone are the days when the love for sweets is a privilege that only kids can have. Grown-ups have proven that they are allowed to go crazy over yummy desserts and have constantly come up with different recipes to make even more enjoyable treats.

oreo white chocolate truffles

source: http://www.amyscookingadventures.com/2014/02/spiked-oreo-truffles.html

However, this particular recipe is an Oreo chocolate truffle recipe that only adults can enjoy. What happens when you put your favorite liquor together with your favorite chocolate treat? You’d be surprised! Don’t worry, you won’t get drunk just by consuming these truffles, but you’ll certainly enjoy it more, thanks to the kick the liquor gives.

Prep Time: one hour

Cooking Time: 15 minutes

Level of Difficulty: 1


You will also need:

  • 1 pack of Oreo cookies (16-ounce pack)
  • 4 ounces softened cream cheese
  • 1 ounce of chocolate liqueur
  • 16 ounces baking milk chocolate, or white chocolate for dipping
  • ⅓ cup finely chopped nuts or sprinkles
  • Food processor
  • Cookie sheet
  • Wax paper


1. Place all Oreos into a food processor and pulse it until it reached a crumb-like consistency.

2. Slice the cream cheese into smaller bits and add it to the food processor.

3. Add the chocolate liqueur. Pulse until all three ingredients are blended well.

4. Use a small spoon to scoop out the truffles. Shape them into small, uniform balls and place them on a cookie sheet lined with parchment or wax paper. Place the cookie sheet in the fridge to chill for 15-20 minutes.

5. While waiting, take your milk chocolate and put it over a double boiler until fully melted.

6. Take the cookie sheet from the fridge. Take one truffle and dip it into the melted milk chocolate. Use two forks to gently roll it over to ensure that all sides are thoroughly coated.

7. Place the fork underneath the truffle and lift it to drain the excess chocolate from the ball, before placing the ball back on the cookie sheet.

8. Do the same for all truffles.

9. Garnish the balls with sprinkles or finely chopped nuts.

10. Allow the chocolate to harden before storing it.

Chocolate liqueur is probably the safest bet if this is your first time creating spiked chocolate Oreo truffles. You can also use coffee liqueurs like Kahlua for more variety. If you’re feeling more adventurous, you can also try using rum or whiskey and cream. You can do a taste test before you dip it into melting chocolate to ensure that the taste isn’t too strong.

As for the toppings, you don’t need to stop at finely chopped nuts and sprinkles. You can also drizzle melted white chocolate on top of the truffles, or coat it with confectioner’s sugar or cocoa powder. These truffles are super delicious and grown-ups will have a hard time keeping away from it. Just make sure to keep these out of the reach of children!


So there you have it! 7 of the best and most delectable Oreo chocolate truffle recipes that are not only yummy but are also pretty easy to make. Now, each recipe mentioned in this list can be made and tweaked a number of ways, but we wanted to make this list as diverse as possible, so we scoured the Interwebs for recipes that are unique, without going too overboard. After all, we wanted recipes that everyone will enjoy.

We hope you enjoyed this little list of ours and hopefully it has given you some great ideas on what to try out on your next cooking spree. As mentioned, these are extremely easy to make, so you can even get your kids involved and turn this into a family thing. Good luck and happy truffle making!

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