9 Great Chocolate Truffle Molds For Sale Online (+ DIY Truffle Mold Tips)

So you’ve made your latest batch of chocolate truffles, and you’ve got to admit to yourself, this time you’ve done a really great job.

From measuring each truffle ball to carefully dipping each truffle in chocolate, you feel proud of yourself and think your truffles are now good enough to sell.

But then you catch a whiff of your potential competitors and your jaw drops. Perfect truffles of all shapes and sizes, with a glossy chocolate finish. You think to yourself, how am I going to compete with that?

Worry not, because the only thing that sets their creations apart from yours is the magic of chocolate truffle molds. These molds make it easier to achieve truffles of equal sizes and pretty shapes.

All you have to do is get your hands on some chocolate mold s yourself and you can start producing truffles that would give your competitors a run for their money!

Truffle Mold Products Available Online

So you’ve decided to buy pre-made molds for your chocolate truffles. You go online and suddenly, there are hundreds upon hundreds of search results. You might feel overwhelmed at the sheer number of choices available to you, so we’re going to lend you a hand.

Below is a list of common and popular chocolate mold products on Amazon. We’ve listed the dimensions of the product, their pros and cons, as well as a link to the page where you can buy them. This should give you a place to start your search for your perfect chocolate truffle mold.

1. Truffly Made Medium Round Chocolate Truffle Mold, Jelly and Candy Mold

Silicone Chocolate Medium Classic Round Chocolate Truffle, Jelly and Candy Mold, 63 cavities, One step pop-out

Description: if you need help making perfectly round chocolate truffles, this silicone round chocolate truffle mold  will help you out. This mold has 63 cavities, so you can make a lot of truffles in one batch. The silicon material helps the mold resist extreme temperatures, so you can use them in the freezer or in the oven. Silicone is a non-stick material, so you don’t have to use cooking sprays. Just flex the mold and the chocolate comes out easily.

2. Chocoflex Truffle Mold for Ganache and Chocolate Truffles, 2 Piece

Chocoflex Mold for Ganache and Chocolate, 2 Piece, for Bon-Bons, 25mm Dia x 26.4mm High, 67 Cavities

Description: This 2-piece silicone mold  is perfect for truffles, pralines and bon bons. The product comes with two 67 cavity mold, with a tiny hole on one of the molds for you to pipe in chocolate ganaches, melted candy or jelly mixtures into easily. The cavities are 25mm in diameter, making it the perfect size for truffles. If you want to make consistent and even truffles, this is the best way to do it. The elastic silicone material allows you to pop out the finished candies, jellies and chocolate treats easily.

3. Truffly Made La Goutte Chocolate Truffle Mold - Truffle, Jelly and Candy Mold

No products found.

Description: This No products found. is perfect for truffles, pralines and bon bons. The product comes with two 67 cavity mold, with a tiny hole on one of the molds for you to pipe in chocolate ganaches, melted candy or jelly mixtures into easily. The cavities are 25mm in diameter, making it the perfect size for truffles. If you want to make consistent and even truffles, this is the best way to do it. The elastic silicone material allows you to pop out the finished candies, jellies and chocolate treats easily.

No products found.

4. Martellato Polycarbonate Chocolate Truffle Mold, Rounded Imprints

Martellato Polycarbonate Chocolate Mold, Rounded Imprings, 4 by 7

Description: This chocolate mold is made from Polycarbonate  which is an almost clear material that can withstand extreme temperatures (-75°F to 450°F ). There are 28 cavities, arranged in a 4 x 7 fashion. Each cavity measures 1 ½ by 1 ⅛ by ¾ inches, which is good for truffle making. While polycarbonate molds are harder than silicone ones, this also makes them better when it comes to design and shape retention. Fully set chocolate truffles will pop out easily by flexing the ends of the mold and then tapping them against the kitchen counter.

5. Truffly Made Mini Cheesecake Round Chocolate Truffle Mold, Jelly and Candy Mold

Truffly Made. Mini Cheesecake Round Chocolate Truffle, Jelly and Candy Mold, 88 pieces, One step candy pop-out

Description: This truffle mold  is made of professional-grade silicone material. It has 88 cavities, with each cavity measuring 33mm, which makes this mold perfect for making bulk batches of truffles, pralines, candies and jellies. It is temperature resistant, so you can transfer it directly from the oven to the fridge. It creates cylindrical candies and chocolates with a flat top and bottom. Because silicone is elastic, you can easily twist and flex the mold to remove the finished truffles without the mold getting bent out of shape.

6. Truffly Made. Dome Round Chocolate Truffle Mold and Mat

No products found.

Description: Another product straight out of No products found., this silicone mold features a dome shape with a flat bottom. Perfect for truffles, pralines, jellies and candies, this mold can withstand temperatures ranging -40°F. to 500°F. As with other molds, this one features a flexible silicone material, making it easier to pop out your finished truffles without damaging the shape and design.

No products found.

7. Truffly Made Square Chocolate Truffle Mold, Jelly and Candy Mold

Truffly Made. Square Chocolate Truffle, Jelly and Candy Mold, 54 Cavities, One Step Candy pop-Out

Description: This Truffly Made chocolate mold  features a square design for those who are a bit tired of the usual spherical chocolate truffle. Made for professionals and hobby chefs alike, the chocolate is easy to use - all you need to do is twist and flex the ends of the mold and the chocolate truffles will pop out easily. It can withstand extreme temperatures, meaning you can use it for more than just making truffles. Because of silicone’s non-stick feature, the entire truffle pops out cleanly, making cleanup easier. The product has 54 square cavities, with each cavity measuring 24x24x12 mm.

8. Truffly Made. XL Round Chocolate Truffle Mold, Jelly and Candy Mold

Truffly Made. XL Round Chocolate Truffle, Jelly and Candy Mold, 35 cavities, One step candy pop-out

Description: If regular molds are not enough for you, this XL round chocolate truffle mold  by Truffly Made is just what the doctor ordered. The mold has 35 cavities, and each cavity measures 33m in diameter, making it perfect for jumbo chocolate truffles, cake balls and lollipops. The mold is made from non-stick silicone, and its flexibility makes it easy for the finished product to pop out without damaging its shape or the mold. No need to get your hands dirty from all that manual rolling and dipping.

9. Truffly Made Classic European Round Chocolate Truffle, Jelly and Candy Truffle Mold

Truffly Made. Classic Round Chocolate Truffle, Jelly and Candy Mold, 54 cavities, One step candy pop-out

Description: Most truffle makers will agree that this European round chocolate truffle mold  has the best size for making truffles. The molds consists of 54 cavities that measure 22mm in diameter each, making it perfect for making large batches of truffles for events and celebrations. Its non-stick silicone surface allows the chocolate to loosen its hold when fully hardened, so all you need to do is flex and twist the mold to pop out the finished truffles without a fuss. You don’t have to roll your truffles by hand anymore, which not only saves you more time but makes the process mess-free!

Why You Should Use Molds for Chocolate Truffles

So why should you use molds when making chocolate truffles? After all, aren’t truffles supposed to be rough and imperfect like their namesakes? Well not really. I don’t think anybody would find it appetizing to eat something that replicates fungus covered in dirt. Of course, commercial brands want to make the truffles aesthetically pleasing as well as delicious, and so should you.

Even hobby chefs and truffle fanatics might get tired of the same old thing each and every time. If you’re giving truffles as a gift, wouldn’t you want them to at least give them truffles of equal sizes instead of a combination of small ones, large ones, and weird “I”d rather not know what those are” ones. There’s something to be said about wanting to make your truffles presentable. It shows that you at least made the effort, which means you value the person you’re giving it to.

Then there’s also the issue about convenience. Anybody who has ever manually rolled and dipped their chocolate truffles knows how messy and tiring it is, especially if you’re making a huge batch. Molds lessen the mess that you make (unless you’re really clumsy) and give your hands and arms a much need rest.

Different Truffle Mold Types

There are many different types of chocolate molds available in the market and the difference lies in the materials they’re made out of and other special features that make it easier for people to make truffles in large batches.

1. PVC Truffle Molds

Molds made of thin plastic are probably the cheapest option out there. If this is your first time dealing with chocolate molds and you simply want to experiment, plastic molds are a viable option. They’re not that great, but they’re cheap and expendable. If you want to take truffle making seriously, plastic molds can serve as practice molds or training molds before you move on to the real thing. The point is, plastic molds are temporary.

It’s difficult to get the truffles out of the molds once you’re done and it doesn’t do well in extreme temperatures. Also, you don’t seem to get that glossy finish with PVC molds, maybe because the thin plastic doesn’t really help the chocolate set nicely.

2. Aluminum Truffle Molds

The earliest artisan chocolate molds were created using aluminum or acrylic. It was cheap, and at that time, most materials used in making chocolate were metallic in nature. Metal holds up well against extreme temperatures, so tempered chocolates would set slowly and nicely without the oils separating.

The only problem with metal was it’s sheer harness. If your chocolates don’t come loose even after banging the mold against the counter, then you’re in tough luck. However, this wasn’t a problem with big chocolatiers back then, who used metal molds a lot because it was easy to create custom metal molds with the shop’s logo or name.

3. Silicone Truffle Molds

Nowadays, silicone molds are one of the two most common types of molds. As chocolatiers used metal molds less and less, they switched to silicone molds because of its elasticity and ease of use. Silicone does well with extremely high temperatures, and the material allows the chocolate to set with such a nice finish.

Silicone is also readily available, so even recreational chocolate truffle makers can get their hands on them. While silicon molds are more expensive, it is worth it if you make a lot of truffles. With molds, beginners can make truffles that can rival the looks of those made by professionals.

4. Polycarbonate Truffle Molds

While PVC molds are made of thin, flimsy plastic, Polycarbonate molds are harder and more durable. Along with silicone molds, polycarbonate molds are considered the most common type of mold out there, used by both professionals and recreational chefs.

A lot of artisan chocolatiers swear by polycarbonate molds and say it is far superior to silicone for a number of reasons:

  • These truffle mold products ensure chocolate removal is easy and clean
  • These truffle mold products are machine washable and can be used over and over again
  • These truffle mold products can withstand extreme temperatures
  • These truffle mold products give your truffle chocolates a nice, smooth and glossy finish

While other people say that silicone can do the same thing, these experts say that polycarbonate molds can do better. For recreational truffle makers, it’s a matter of personal preference.

There are different types of Polycarbonate molds:

  • 3D Polycarbonate mold - while most molds come with only one sheet, 3D molds are composed of two sheets that are meant to be put together. The bottom sheet is similar to any mold sheet, while the top one has a hole where you can pipe chocolate, candy or jelly into. This solves the problem people have with 1-sheet molds, which is that one side is usually flat. 3D molds ensure a perfect spheres.
  • Magnetic polycarbonate mold - this is similar to the 3D polycarbonate mold, except it usually has magnets built in on the edges. This ensures a secure closure and that the two sheets don’t move while the chocolate sets.

Making Your Own Truffle Molds

There are a lot of chocolate molds in the market that are perfect for making truffles, but you might be the type of person who wants to create their own molds. There are a lot of good reasons why you’d want to make your own molds, including:

  • You don’t have the budget to buy truffle molds.
  • You’re not sure if you want to take your truffle making to the next level.
  • You just want to experiment with new truffle mold shapes.
  • You rarely make truffle mold desserts or other chocolate treats.
  • You want to customize your truffles with a logo truffle mold or brand name.

We’ll show you how to create your own chocolate molds from common household items. If you want custom molds with unique designs, we’ll show you how to do that as well.

DIY Chocolate Truffle Molds From Household Items

Do you know you can make chocolate mold from things that can be found in your own kitchen? If you don’t want to spend money on molds just yet, you can try these basic household items that make for great makeshift chocolate molds.

Ice Cube Trays as Truffle Molds

Ice cube trays are a staple when it comes to DIY dessert making. From popsicles, to truffles, to jellies, ice cube trays make for great makeshift molds because they are readily available, and they’re made of plastic, which is the same material used in cheaper molds.

All you need to do is pour the ganache on the ice cube trays to mold it. Be sure that the ganache has cooled before pouring because plastic doesn’t do well in heat. The downside of using ice cube trays? For one, unless you have unique designs on your ice cube trays, all you’re going to get is squares. Also, it’s somewhat difficult to get the chocolate out. If your plastic ice cube tray is somewhat flexible, you can twist and flex the tray to loosen the chocolate. The ganache also needs to be frozen to pop out easily.

Additionally, any plastic container can make for good chocolate molds. Just make sure your plastic containers are of high quality and are food-safe.

Brown Sugar For Your Truffles

Brown sugar is another good medium if you’re into DIY chocolate molds. Brown sugar is coarse enough to hold its shape even if you pour chocolate onto it, and it doesn’t absorb the chocolate either, so your designs won’t lose their details.

To make a DIY brown sugar chocolate truffle mold, you will need lots of brown sugar and a deep baking dish, or any deep container where you can put your brown sugar in. simply fill it with brown sugar without pressing down on it.

Take any household item that will replicate the shape you have in mind. For example, if you have a pepper and salt shaker with a circular bottom, you can press the bottom into the brown sugar to make something wide and cylindrical, which is actually close to some commercial truffle designs. Use your imagination to create the shapes you want. Just make sure you press down firmly so that the details will be embedded on the brown sugar clearly.

Just pour the ganache on the indentations on the brown sugar and place inside the freezer. Once the chocolate has set, you can just take it straight from the brown sugar with your hands.

The biggest advantage to this method is that you don’t have to struggle to get the truffle out from the mold. Just loosen the brown sugar around the truffle and it should come off without resistance. Brown sugar isn’t hard to remove from the actual chocolate either. Just brush the brown sugar off with your hands, or leave it on for decoration.

So what about the disadvantages to this method? For one, brown sugar is coarse, so of course the resulting chocolate would also be grainy and coarse. This is easy to remedy though - all you need to do is coat the chocolate truffle with cocoa powder or powdered sugar to hide the coarse texture. Another disadvantage is that you’ll need a lot of sugar. Unlike other chocolate treats, truffles need to be deep and three-dimensional, so you’re going to need a mold that’s just as deep.

Flour For Your Truffles

Flour is another great medium to use if you’d rather not use brown sugar because of the latter’s coarse finish. Flour is also readily available in the kitchen, especially if you like baking (and if you’re looking into DIY molds, chances are you like baking a lot).

To make a flour chocolate truffle cast, just follow the same instructions as before with brown sugar. You will also need a lot of flour because truffles are more 3D than other chocolate treats. Remember not to press the flour prematurely. You need it to be loose - only the areas affected by the pressing of you preferred object against the flour should be packed and tight. Again, pour the chocolate ganache into the mold carefully. Some people use droppers or spoons because if you pour it directly, the flour cast might get destroyed due to flour’s delicate nature. Place the cast inside the freezer. Once the chocolates are frozen, you can just fish them out of the flour.

Like the brown sugar mold, the flour cast is easy to destroy once your chocolates are done. You don’t have to struggle to get them out of the cast. Just destroy the flour cast and you’re done. Also, one thing that flour has over brown sugar is that flour gives you a shiny finish that brown sugar can’t. This gives you prettier chocolate truffle designs.

The downside to using flour is that it shows on chocolate. It’s also pretty hard to remove streaks of flour from the chocolate, and you don’t want to have white specks on your shiny chocolate. Sure, this isn’t a big deal if you will just coat it later with melted chocolate or roll it in cocoa powder, but if you want your truffles to stand as is, you may want to roll it in powdered sugar to make it seem like it was intentional. That or you can use white chocolate instead. The good news is that flour specks don’t really affect the taste of your truffles.

You can also try this method using powdered sugar or cornstarch. Cornstarch works just as well as flour, powdered sugar not so. Only use powdered sugar if you’re using basic shapes that don’t have a lot of detail. However, using powdered sugar means you can skip the dusting phase of the truffles because this molding process does it for you!

Aluminum Foil Custom Truffle Mold Shapes

You can also use aluminum foil to make custom shapes. You can scrunch up the foil and embed any picture or design onto it. Ironically, you can use it in the same way as clay. The foil should hold the shape well and because it is aluminum, the chocolate won’t stick to it. Once the chocolate is set, simply tear away the foil and you’re done.

Unlike brown sugar and flour, there is no need to dust anything off when using aluminum foil. The texture and finish is also great, but of course, if you don’t foil and shape your aluminum foil well, you may see cracks and creases on the chocolate where layers of the foil overlap. You need to smooth it out by hand, or leave it if you want your chocolates to have that cracked marble look.

The downside is, although foil is readily available in most kitchens, it is more expensive than the other materials mentioned above. There are a lot of uses for aluminum foil, so it’s unlikely that you’d want to waste a lot of foil just for making chocolate truffles.

DIY Silicone Truffle Mold (Custom Truffle Mold Design)

Now that we’ve discussed DIY molds for beginners who want to experiment with different shapes of chocolate truffles. What about experts who are already good at truffle making and want to take their business to the next level?

If you plan on selling your chocolate truffles, making chocolate truffles with unique shapes is a must. It would be better if you can place your business logo or name on the chocolate truffle. If you want to start creating custom molds to make your truffles more professional-looking and marketable, you should try DIY silicone molds.

Things You’ll Need For Your Custom Truffle Mold Design:
  • Silicone Mold Putty (you can try Amazing Mold Putty or Silicone Plastique to make your truffle mold design)
  • Any object you want a truffle mold of (lego brick, action figure, embossed pins, etc. get creative for super interesting truffle mold shapes for fantastic truffles)

Truffle Mold Procedure:

1. Check your silicone mold putty kit. The kit should come with two jars labelled part A and B. check the information on your mold putty. It should be food-grade and approved by the FDA.

2. Take equal parts of Part A and Part B and mix them together. Keep mixing and blending them until the two colors mesh together. For example, if part A is blue and part B is white, you should end up with a light blue putty with no specks of either white or blue.

3. Take the object you wish to use as a print and press it into the putty. Ensure that all nooks and crannies are filled with the putty to ensure that your design detail remains intact. Make sure to leave an opening so you can take the print back out easily later.

4. Brands of mold putty have different curing times, so follow the instructions on the kit as to how long you should leave the mold putty to cure.

5. Use an X-acto knife or sharp blade to cut around the edges of a print. This will loosen the print and separate it from the mold putty. Remove the print from the mold putty and use the same knife to whittle down any excess putty.

6. Wash your new chocolate mold properly with soap and water. Once it’s clean, make sure to dry it thoroughly, and you’re done!

Tips on Buying Truffle Molds

But what if DIY molds aren’t your thing simply because it takes too much effort that you’d rather spend on making the actual chocolate truffles? Well, there are a lot of store-bought truffle chocolate molds both offline and online. If you’re thinking about buying ready-made molds, read this little guide we’ve compiled with tips on where to buy molds, which molds to buy and other things you need to know about.

  • If you don’t want to spend time scouring the Internet for custom truffle mold products, your local convenience store or grocery will have a few variations in their baking section. Take heed though, they don’t offer a lot of variety when it comes to design and most of them are made of plastic, which isn’t very durable.
  • If you want better materials, go for silicone or polycarbonate, and those two are easily found online on sites like Amazon or eBay. Luxury truffle mold products can be found at Chocolate World, Chocolat Chocolat, Tomric, Fat Daddio’s, Bakedeco, and Truffly Made.
  • Be mindful of the material your chocolate truffle mold is made of. For example, if you’re going to pour a lot of chocolate into your mold, you should avoid plastic truffle mold products as they tend to deform when exposed to high temperature.
  • Always be mindful of the diameter of each mold cavity. You see a lot of people complaining that the truffle mold products they bought were too large or too small for their desired truffle size. All products bought online have dimensions written in the product information so it’s important to read the dimensions before purchasing the item. If you don’t see any measurements, be sure to ask the seller first before buying.
  • Always keep your truffle molds dry, especially before use. Water will ruin your chocolate truffles because chocolate in itself is oil-based.
  • Great chocolate truffle mold products will always make it easy for you to pop out the finished truffles. Because of this, cleanup should be a breeze. Most experts warn about washing the mold after using. Instead, you just brush any excess chocolate away using a clean, dry towel.
  • Remember, a great mold will never save your chocolate truffles if the recipe itself is a disaster. It’s sad how a lot of people are giving negative reviews on Amazon on otherwise great truffle mold products because their chocolate truffles never set and remained sticky and thick. If this is the case, the problem lies in the recipe or the way you made the truffles, not in the mold! Chocolate ganache, if done properly, set quite well when placed in the fridge and will pop right out of your truffle mold products when done. If the ganache doesn’t set, then chances are you messed up the recipe.

We Hope You've Found The Truffle Mold For YOU!

While there’s something charming about the rough and rustic look that ordinary chocolate truffles have, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t up the ante with chocolate truffles molds, especially if you plan on making them for a lot of people or even selling them.

Let’s face it, making truffles isn’t all that hard and with a little determination, just about anybody can make truffles nowadays. However, you can set yourself apart by giving your truffles a more professional finish and unique design. Never underestimate the power of food presentation. With chocolate truffles that are both delicious and beautiful, people are sure to remember you the next time they get a chocolate truffle craving!

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