Lindt Truffles: 14 Delicious Chocolate Truffles (To Satisfy Your Every Craving)

Do you want a sweet chocolate treat that’s both affordable and full of flavor?

If so, you need to try to a Lindt truffle today!

Lindt is one of the most well-known truffle companies in the world, and it has been supplying chocolate fans with creamy, smooth truffles for a long time. If you’ve ever been in a store and noticed individual truffles wrapped in brightly colored foil, you’ve probably seen a Lindt product!

But did you know that Lindt makes a lot of other types of truffle products, too?

No matter what kind of truffle you want to enjoy or how many you need to buy at a time, there’s a Lindt product out there for you!

Lindt makes lots of different truffles in milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and white chocolate coatings. The creamy chocolate centers are flavored with many different ingredients, so you can find everything from a plain milk chocolate truffle to a raspberry dark chocolate truffle, and so much more!

But with so many truffles to choose from, how can you really know where to start shopping? That’s where this article comes in! By the time you’ve finished reading this article, you’ll know everything there is to know about Lindt. You’ll be able to pick the perfect truffle product for your needs, and you’ll know where to go shopping for truffles next time a craving strikes.

It’s time to learn about Lindt!

But First... Our Favorite Picks:

Lindt Truffles (White Chocolate)

Lindor White Chocolate Changemaker Truffle - 60 count per pack -- 12 packs per case.
Lindor White Chocolate Changemaker Truffle - 60 count per pack -- 12 packs per case.

Lindt Truffles (Dark Chocolate)

Lindt LINDOR Dark Chocolate Truffles with Smooth, Melting Truffle Center, Chocolate for Holidays, 50.8 oz., 120 Count
Amazon Prime
Lindt LINDOR Dark Chocolate Truffles with Smooth, Melting Truffle Center, Chocolate for Holidays, 50.8 oz., 120 Count
Amazon Prime

Lindt Truffles (Assorted)

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A Brief Intro to Lindt Truffle Chocolates

Lindt chocolate truffles are perhaps some of the most well-known around the world, but they certainly aren’t the only truffles in existence! Before you can go shopping for your chocolate truffles, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with what you’re looking for. The more you know about truffles, the better off you’ll be when it comes time to finally buy some!

It’s said that chocolate truffles were invented in the early 20th century by a French chef who made a mistake while trying to create a chocolate cream. The result was an early form of ganache that, he discovered, could be rolled into a ball and allowed to set up into a semi-hardened piece of candy.

lindt lindor chocolate truffles

From there, the chef—one Auguste Escoffier—realized that he could roll the ganache balls in cocoa powder to create something that looked like a truffle fungus from France. He named his chocolate creation after this upscale dining ingredient, and the rest is truffle history! Of course, it took a while for unique textures and flavors to really take off in the world of chocolate truffles. French truffles coated in cocoa powder remained popular for a long while, but it wasn’t long until other countries began to develop their own forms of truffles that also still show up on shelves and in recipe books today.

One of the types of truffles that came about in the wake of their discovery was the Swiss truffle. With Swiss truffles, chocolate is melted and then pour into a butter and heavy whipping cream mixture. The whole combination is whisked and then allowed to set up in a mold. This is the type of truffle that Lindt creates, although they do so with a little twist. Rather than leaving the truffle uncoated, they dip it in a hard outer shell, more like an American truffle. In this way, they combine two types of truffles to create something unique, new, and delicious.

The History of Lindt Truffles Company

The history of the Lindt company can be traced all the way back to 1845 when David Sprungli-Schwarz brought the Italian concept of solid chocolate to Zurich. Without this important first step in the world of Swiss candy creation, Lindt never could have become what it is today. Only a few decades later, Rodolphe Lindt improved on the technique by increasing the quality of the solid chocolate he produced. He created a device called the conche which helped to give his chocolate a beautiful appearance, texture, and taste throughout. Not too much later, Lindt and Sprungli teamed up to combine their chocolate expertise and create a new company that would eventually begin producing Lindt chocolate truffles.

lindt chocolate truffle recipe

The company sailed through World War I, and even though they fell on hard times during World War II, they were able to continue producing chocolate despite the limits that were placed on ingredients like sugar, butter, cocoa, and more. By the time the war had ended, the Lindt and Sprungli company was still standing strong, and they were ready to start making high-quality chocolates on a much larger scale once again. It was shortly after World War II when the iconic Lindt Lindor Chocolate Truffles were first introduced. These hard chocolate truffles with a smooth, melting ganache center soon become the most well-known candy in the Lindt lineup, and they started to gain popularity around the world.

The Lindt company soon expanded to France, and from there, it was only a matter of time before it moved to a more global scale. In 1986, the company relocated its main headquarters and base of operations to New Hampshire, where it is still in operation now. Although the company relocated to the United States, it still maintained its original goals of creating delicious Swiss-style chocolates and bringing high-quality products to its customers. Lindt continues to create new products and bring new flavors to its lineup, all in the name of excellent chocolates.

What Makes Lindt Truffles So Great?

There are a lot of reasons why Lindt is such a great company, especially when it comes to their chocolate truffles. To begin with, the Lindt company utilizes some of the finest ingredients available, including excellent cocoa that comes from some of the best sources in the world. Lindt also strives to take care of the cocoa farms they use, as well as the communities and farmers who rely on them as part of their economy.

lindt lindor milk chocolate truffles

An important part of the Lindt chocolate truffle recipe is the roasting of the cocoa beans. The process Lindt uses to roast its beans has been handed down for generations within the company. The beans are first roasted to the perfect consistency, then ground into a fine powder that makes it even easier to melt. This is what makes Lindt chocolates so smooth, creamy, and ready to melt the instant you bite into it.

Of course, the other ingredients that go into every batch of Lindt Lindor milk chocolate truffles are just as high-quality as the chocolate. Nuts are taken from the best locations around the world, and they, too, are processed using unique methods that bring out their finest possible flavors. The same is true of fruit extracts used in orange, raspberry, and other flavors of chocolate truffles and other Lindt candies.

The skilled chocolatiers who work for the Lindt company are constantly striving to create new and delicious products, as well as to improve on the existing ones. They are dedicated to making the finest chocolates available, and they work to be certain that their customers are always pleased with the results. They bring to the table a passion for chocolate concoctions and a willingness to pay close attention to details in every batch of chocolates.

As you can see, there’s a lot that makes Lindt a fantastic chocolate company. It’s become popular around the world for a reason, and when you order a batch of chocolate truffles, you’ll be able to see for yourself just what level of quality Lindt can offer you. Read on to learn more about the options you have when shopping for Lindt chocolate truffles.

Lindt Truffles

Lindt Truffle White Chocolates

Sometimes, you’re looking for something a little different than the more traditional milk or dark chocolate truffles. When you want an even sweeter chocolate, look no further than white chocolate truffles! Lindt provides tons of different flavors of white chocolate truffles, each encased in the classic hard outer shell that you’ve come to expect from this great company. Find white chocolate truffles flavored with many of your favorite fruit and nut tastes, or pick up a solid white truffle and enjoy its smooth, creamy taste all on its own. However you choose to enjoy them, white chocolate truffles are a great option for anyone looking for the sweetest candy around!

Lindt Truffle #1

Lindt Truffle Lindor White Chocolate Truffles (200g) – Pack of 2

No products found.

No products found. of Lindt Lindor truffles to enjoy an affordable taste of some of the best white chocolate truffles you have ever tasted. These truffles come separated into two separate boxes, so you can put one up in the refrigerator for later and open the other to enjoy right away. Each box includes a few individually wrapped white chocolate truffles. These are standard Lindt white chocolate truffles that are white on the outside and on the inside both.



  • These are very affordable Lindt truffles that can give you plenty of chocolates to snack on without breaking the bank.
  • Since truffles come boxed separately, they have less of a chance to melt as those that are all packed together.
  • The delicious hard outer shell and smooth creamy center of these truffles perfectly showcase the Lindt quality and style.
  • These truffles are only available in a package of solid white chocolate, so if you’re looking for other flavors, this isn’t the way to go.
  • Boxes have been known to become damaged in shipping, which can interfere with giving these truffles as gifts.
  • Truffles are not eligible for free shipping.
No products found.

Lindt Truffle #2

Lindt Truffle Lindor Truffles Value Bag

No products found.

If you’re looking for even more delicious white chocolate truffles to help you satisfy your sweet tooth craving, No products found. of three 6-ounce bags right away! With these packs of truffles in your cabinet or refrigerator, you won’t soon run out of your favorite sweet treats. They come in three separate packages of about 15 truffles per package, which makes them a great deal and gives you a chance to set aside some of your favorite sweets for a later date. Of course, if you’re looking for truffles to give as gifts, these are an incredible option that can save you a lot of money on a bulk purchase!



  • These truffles are one of the best values on white chocolate Lindt truffles you can find.
  • These truffles are individually wrapped in beautiful gold foil that works well as a gift at any time of the year.
  • Separate bags help keep the truffles from melting as easily in transit to you.
  • These truffles are not fulfilled by Amazon, so you will have to pay extra for shipping rather than qualifying for free shipping.
  • Truffles are not available in more than one flavor per set of bags, so you are limited to only white chocolate.
  • Bags have been known to arrive damaged and ripped from shipping.
No products found.

Lindt Truffle #3

Lindt Truffle Lindor Assorted Chocolate Truffles (337g) – Pack of 2

No products found.

Do you prefer to get a little more variety with your Lindt Lindor white chocolate truffles? If so, No products found. With this pack of delicious truffles, you can enjoy the flavors of white chocolate as well as milk and dark, all combined in one handy little box. This particular listing includes two separate boxes of truffles, each packed with plenty of tasty candies to help keep you going strong through any chocolate craving. Pick up this set for yourself or give away one of the beautifully decorated boxes for the next big holiday.



  • Box includes a variety of flavors, so you aren’t limited only to white chocolate.
  • Separate boxes and individually wrapped truffles keep the chocolates from melting as easily as they might in one large box.
  • A great deal that can help save you money on your next truffle purchase.
  • Shipping is not available for free since this item is not fulfilled by Amazon.
  • Boxes have been known to become damaged easily during shipping, making them less attractive for gift-giving purposes.
  • Bags have been known to arrive damaged and ripped from shipping.
No products found.

Lindt Truffle #4

Lindt Truffle White Chocolate LINDOR Truffles Case 550-pc

No products found.

What can you do when you need to stock up on a huge amount of white chocolate truffles without having to spend a ton of money to do it? No products found. of a total of 550 individually wrapped truffle pieces and you’ll never again have to wonder where your next snack fix will come from! These truffles are available as standard white chocolate candies, or you can pick up a 550-count box set of Lindt Lindor Stracciatella white chocolate truffles instead. Keep them on hand for your next party, give them out as gifts, or tuck a few into the freezer to be ready for the next time you want to grab a bite of smooth, creamy chocolate!



  • These truffles are sold directly from the Lindt company, which gives you access to their great customer service.
  • This is an incredible value if you need to buy in bulk.
  • These truffles are available in many different flavors, including several white chocolate options.
  • Of course, if you need to buy fewer truffles, this might not be the best option for you.
  • Large amounts of truffles shipped at once have been known to melt and become dull in transit.
  • Shipping costs will increase the overall price of these truffles by a little bit.
No products found.

Lindt Truffle #5

Lindt Truffle Lindor White Chocolate Changemaker Truffle - 60 count per pack – 12 packs per case

Lindor White Chocolate Changemaker Truffle - 60 count per pack -- 12 packs per case.

Sometimes, you need to bring home a huge amount of white chocolate truffles to really make your life sweet. You might be looking for a lot of delicious gifts to give out to your friends and family members, or you may be in charge of purchasing holiday presents for the office. Whatever your needs are, you’re sure to be able to meet them and then some with this pack of 720 total white chocolate truffles! These truffles come in packs of 60 truffles each , and you can purchase a dozen packs. This way, you’ll be able to give gifts of white chocolate truffles to everyone you know!



  • Purchasing in bulk can save you a lot of money in the long run.
  • Since these boxes of white chocolate truffles are packaged separately, you don’t run the risk of melting as easily as you would if they were all packed together.
  • Individual boxes of 60 truffles each make for great gifts without even needing to be wrapped.
  • You will need to add the cost of shipping to your total truffle budget with this listing, and shipping can get pricey for this many truffles at once.
  • These are not assorted truffles, so you will be limited to white chocolate only.
  • Truffles should be kept in the refrigerator. If you won’t be giving them out for a while, you’ll need to find a place to store them.

Lindt Truffles

Lindt Truffle Dark Chocolates

Okay,so maybe white chocolate truffles aren’t your thing. If something with a bittersweet flavor is more your speed, check out Lindt’s dark chocolate truffle selection instead! These truffles are a great way to indulge your taste buds when you’re looking for something a little bit less overwhelmingly sweet. They’re available in plenty of different flavors, including raspberry and orange, which are two of the most popular truffle flavors on the market. And when it comes to Lindt dark chocolate truffles nutrition is important, too! Since dark chocolate is so heart healthy, you’ll be able to enjoy all those benefits when you chow down on these truffles.

Lindt Truffle #6

Lindt Truffle 60% Dark Chocolate LINDOR Truffles Case 550-pc

No products found.

There are a lot of different varieties of Lindt dark chocolate truffles, but if you’re looking for some of the best and most delicious, No products found. are sure to impress! These truffles are made from high-quality chocolate that comes in with 60% total cocoa content, making it bittersweet, dark, and full of incredible flavor. When you order from this particular listing, you’ll be able to stock up on a total of 550 of these amazing individually wrapped truffles. Keep them on hand for your next big get-together, or just put them away in the refrigerator or freezer and chow down on truffles whenever you feel a craving coming on!



  • These truffles are sold from the Lindt company, meaning you’ll have access to their customer service and satisfaction team if you need anything.
  • Individually wrapped truffles make it easy to give these chocolates out as gifts.
  • Ordering in bulk can help you save a lot of money on this listing.
  • Shipping is not included in the cost of these truffles, so you’ll need to budget extra.
  • Truffles shipped in large quantities have been known to arrive melted and dull from transit.
  • Very dark, bittersweet chocolate is not everyone’s taste, and may not be as sweet as you’d like.
No products found.

Lindt Truffle #7

Lindt Truffle Lindor Dark Orange, 550 Count

Lindor Dark Orange, 550 Count

Do you like a little extra flavor in your Lindt Lindor dark chocolate truffles? When you pick up this box  of 550 total truffles, you’ll be able to indulge in some of the most incredibly delicious dark chocolate orange truffles you’ve ever tasted! These tasty truffles are packed with flavor and feature the traditional snappy outer chocolate shell and creamy, smooth center that makes Lindt truffles so popular. If you’re looking to stock up on plenty of truffles for the next gift-giving holiday, or if you just want to have enough candy to put up in the freezer and indulge in for months to come, grab this box today!



  • Individually wrapped truffles are great gifts that you can hand out whenever you feel the need.
  • Dark chocolate orange truffles are some of the most popular sellers, and they’re usually a great crowd-pleaser.
  • You can purchase this box of truffles and save a lot of money when buying in bulk.
  • Large amounts of truffles shipped together have been known to melt or become damaged while in transit.
  • If you don’t have anywhere to store your excess truffles, they may melt before you’re ready to eat them or give them away.
  • Shipping costs will be extra with this particular truffle listing.

Lindt Truffle #8

Lindt Truffle LINDOR Raspberry Dark Chocolate Truffles, 9.3 Ounce

Lindt LINDOR Raspberry Dark Chocolate Truffles ,9.3 Ounce

Pick up a delicious bag  of tasty raspberry dark chocolate truffles and you’ll be indulging your senses in one of the most popular truffle flavors in no time! These Lindt extra dark chocolate truffles come in a small package with enough truffles to keep you happy and snacking for a few days. They make a great gift, especially for Valentine’s Day, but they’re also a delicious way to treat yourself, too! The smooth, creamy center that makes Lindt so popular is flavored with real raspberry to give these truffles a taste you won’t soon forget.



  • Raspberry dark chocolate is one of the most popular truffles flavor combinations, so it’s a good call if you’re buying a gift for someone else.
  • Individually wrapped truffles inside their own bag cut down on the potential for melting in transit.
  • With their pink foil wrappers, these truffles work well for romantic holiday gifts.
  • This package of truffles is smaller than many other listed here, so they might not be the best choice if you’re trying to buy in bulk.
  • Buying truffles in smaller amounts may not be as affordable overall as buying larger quantities.
  • Truffle bags have been known to become ripped and damaged during shipping.

Lindt Truffle #9

Lindt Truffle LINDOR Dark Chocolate Truffles, 120 Count

Lindt LINDOR Dark Chocolate Truffles with Smooth, Melting Truffle Center, Chocolate for Holidays, 50.8 oz., 120 Count

When you need a lot of truffles, but you don’t need hundreds, this box of candies  is the way to go! Lindt Lindor truffles dark chocolate is smooth and creamy, with a hard outer shell that snaps beautifully when you bite into it. Although these truffles do not come in additional flavors, sometimes all you really need is a tasty bite of dark chocolate to help power you through your day! Of course, dark chocolate is much better for you than milk or white chocolate, so these truffles might even fit into your diet plans, depending on your specific needs.



  • This large box of truffles is a great affordable solution for your candy hunt.
  • Since truffles are all individually wrapped, you can give them as gifts or store them easily until they’re needed.
  • These dark chocolate truffles are packed with rich flavor that is sure to put a smile on your face.
  • Shipping will cost extra for this large box of truffles.
  • Truffles shipped in one box have been known to arrive slightly melted.
  • Boxes and wrappers have been known to become damaged in transit.

Lindt Truffles

Other Assorted Lindt Truffle Chocolates

lindt extra dark chocolate truffles

There’s more to the Lindt chocolate truffle lineup than just milk, dark, and white chocolate, of course! You might be the type of person who enjoys a little bit of everything. If so, assorted chocolate truffles are the way to go for you! With a box or bag of assorted truffles, you’ll be able to try a wide variety of different truffle flavors all with the same quality Lindt style you’ve come to expect. Whether you’re looking for a small assortment of standard chocolate truffles or you prefer to have many unique flavors to pick from, these assorted packages can help you find just what you need. These packages also have the added benefit of being even more bright and colorful than most of the others listed above, which makes them great for gifts!

Lindt Truffle #10

Lindt Truffle Lindor Truffles 8-10 Flavor Assorted Truffle Box

No products found.

Do you need to stock up on Lindt Lindor assorted chocolate truffles for an event that’s coming up? If so, No products found. is a great solution for you! With this package of truffles, you’ll be able to enjoy between 8 and 10 different, unique flavors, with approximately 10 to 15 of each flavor represented. This is a great solution when you know you’ll need to supply many people with truffles. With this box, you’ll be able to offer plenty of different flavors to keep everyone happy at your next big party or get-together!



  • Very good price for buying in bulk.
  • Flavors include traditional chocolate truffles as well as raspberry, hazelnut, caramel, peanut butter, mint, and more.
  • Individually wrapped truffles make it easy to tell which flavor you’re unwrapping based on color.
  • These truffles are not sold directly from the Lindt company, so you won’t be able to contact them with any issues.
  • Shipping costs extra for these truffles.
  • Truffles shipped all in one box are known to melt in transit unless you pay for faster shipping options.
No products found.

Lindt Truffle #11

Lindt Truffle Lindor 175-Count Assorted Chocolate Truffle Jumbo Snowflake Tin

Lindor Lindt Chocolate Truffles Jumbo Snowflake Tin, 175 Count

If you’re looking for an excellent holiday gift for the chocolate lover in your life, check out this Lindt assorted chocolate truffles gift tin . This quality selection of 175 total chocolate truffles includes white chocolate, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and caramel selections, all individually wrapped for the convenience of your favorite gift recipient. The truffles are packaged in a beautiful red tin that’s decorated with white snowflakes, making it perfect for any holiday you and your friends or family may celebrate. You don’t even have to wrap it—just stick a bow on it and you’ll be ready to start giving!



  • Since truffles ship in the gift tin, they are less likely to arrive damaged than other truffles listed here.
  • The gift tin is reusable and made of a durable material that can be easily washed.
  • Also including a classy tin container, this is a very affordable option for holiday shopping.
  • This assortment of truffle flavors is not as varied as others listed here.
  • Since the tin is holiday-themed, this isn’t a great gift option for other times of the year.
  • Shipping costs extra for this item, and may be a little more pricey because of the weight of the tin.

Lindt Truffle #12

Lindt Truffle LINDOR Assorted Chocolate Truffles 120 count

No products found.

If you want a little bit more of a traditional set of assorted truffles, No products found. today. With this listing, you’ll be able to bring home 120 total pieces of candy, featuring three different Lindt chocolate truffle flavors for your enjoyment. This set of truffles is divided evenly into 40 dark chocolate, 40 milk chocolate, and 40 white chocolate pieces, so everyone in your family can easily find just what they’re looking for. Set out a beautiful bowl of these truffles on the dessert table at your next party, or just keep them on hand to satisfy your tastes no matter which way they might lean!



  • Individually wrapped truffle flavors are easy to identify based on the color of their foil.
  • These truffles make a great gift or look amazing on the table at any holiday party.
  • A great value for truffle lovers.
  • This is a much smaller assortment of flavors than some of the others listed here, which may limit your options quite a bit.
  • Although truffles arrive in a gift box, that box may be damaged from the shipping process.
  • Truffles may arrive melted or cracked from shipping.
No products found.

Lindt Truffle #13

Lindt Truffle LINDOR Assorted Chocolate Deluxe Sampler Gift Box

No products found.

Give away No products found. to make that special person in your life smile! This is an elegant box of truffles that is designed to look like a gift without ever needing any wrapping paper. When your recipient opens the nice packaging on this product, he or she will be able to choose from several Lindt chocolate truffles flavors by color. Since each type of truffle is wrapped in its own special color foil, no one will have to pinch these candies to find out what’s inside! This makes an excellent gift for families that have several members who can’t agree on a chocolate flavor, or for that one important person you really want to impress.



  • Beautiful packaging makes this a great and simple gift.
  • A great deal, plain and simple!
  • Individually wrapped truffles make it easy to identify the flavor you’ll be enjoying.
  • Shipping will cost extra for this item, so be sure to budget accordingly.
  • This product is not sold directly from Lindt, so you will not have access to their customer service with this purchase.
  • Truffles shipped in one box together are more prone to melting in transit than those that are packaged separately.
No products found.

Lindt Truffle #14

Lindt Truffle Lindor Assorted Chocolate Truffles (337g) – Pack of 6

No products found.

Last but not least, if you’re looking for separately packaged truffles to give away or to keep in storage until you need them most, No products found.. These truffles are packaged in small boxes that include about 15 truffles per box, give or take a few. The listing includes 6 separate boxes of truffles. Each box comes with a few white chocolate, dark chocolate, and milk chocolate truffles, so no matter what kind of candy you’re looking for, you’ll be able to reach right into the package and find it. Give away a few of these boxes as gifts and keep a couple stored in the freezer for yourself!



  • Truffles come in a simple assortment of flavors which makes it easy to pick between the three options.
  • Individually packaged truffles are less likely to melt or become damaged in shipping.
  • Shipping is free for this item, which can save you more money.
  • If you’re looking for more of a flavor variety, this may not be the set of truffles for you.
  • Boxes have been known to arrive damaged from shipping.
  • Truffles will need to be stored in the refrigerator or freezer until you can give them away or enjoy them yourself.
No products found.

Have You Chosen A Delicious Lindt Truffle?

There are so many different types of Lindt chocolate truffles for you to choose from that it could take a long time to work your way through this whole list! While I definitely recommend trying all of them eventually, if possible, you’re probably looking for a few suggestions to help you get started with the items listed above, right?

Well, if you love white chocolate truffles, you’re in luck. These are my personal favorite, and I recommend the Lindt Lindor White Chocolate Truffles (200g) Pack of 2 to help you get started enjoying them right away. This is an affordable box of truffles that gives you just enough to start snacking without breaking the bank. Since it includes solid white chocolate truffles, you’ll be able to get the delicious taste of creamy white chocolate without anything getting in the way.

lindt dark chocolate truffles nutrition

As for dark chocolate truffles, I strongly suggest trying either the Raspberry or the Orange Dark Chocolate Truffles first. These are a great way to ease into the world of dark chocolate if you aren’t fond of the strong bitter flavor, but they’re also a tasty twist on the classic for true dark chocolate connoisseurs. No matter who you are, you’re sure to love these!

Finally, when it comes to picking a favorite assorted chocolate truffle set, I recommend going for the Deluxe Sampler Gift Box. Even if you’re just treating yourself, you’ll be able to try a handful of different flavors without being too limited. On the other hand, you won’t end up swimming in truffles if you’re only looking to bring home a few!

No matter which type of truffle you choose to enjoy, you’ll be in good hands if you pick chocolates that come from the Lindt company. With so many years of quality chocolate making to back them up, this company is sure to please you with every bite you take. Try as many as you can, and get ready to love them all!

Lindt Truffles Bestsellers

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